Sunday, September 8, 2013

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS September 6th, 2013

31 Fun with Julie-  Holly Jane Allen Domer
Our Little Button- Christina Horstman
Art Candy by PinkSodaPop-  Kyla Stevenson Staggs
Reach Out Now- Faryn Eagen
ACE Weight Loss and Energy with Marie- Katherine Kistner
 It All Started With A BOW- Ashley Stephenson Barnett
Gingerlyboutique- Ashley Beach
Sweet As Candy-Likes & Ladders- Regina Trobee
Punky Designs- Jennifer Jones
The Sassy Taterbug- Tandi Vidal
Pretty Pens by Sara- Mary Jo Taylor
Bella's Blooming Bowtique- Carla M. Dunn
Jewelry in Candles with Hope- Molly Ellen Miller
Ace it With Amber- JD Hoppe
Pleasure Essentials(Halloween goodie bag)- Cheryl Bolinger
Pleasure Essentials(Avon)-   Tiffany Lambert and Linda L Dougherty
Pleasure Essentials(Cloud 9)- Kelsy Olson and Shannon Celli-Durkee
Pleasure Essentials(Soylicious)- Ashley Pate and Beth Gurnoe
Sassy Secrist Crochet- Danielle Dahmer
Rockin My ACE- Alex Ag
Crystal Candy Couture- Charlene Sheppard Chynn
Tonya Davidge- Jamie Battle
ACE- Appetite Control & Energy by Sara-  Christina Arthur Hiegel
Gingerlyboutique-  Dusty L Schnur
Little Baby Buds Boutique-  Jamie Saint
Pink Zebra- Zippy Sprinkles-  Trudi Hazen
DeAnna's Decor- Veronica Bouldin
 NeeNee's Goods-  Rosina Hodges
Personalized Pics by Opal Bell-  Alexandria Julia Tinnon
Mickie's Marvelous Minis(2 free entries)-  Samantha Hackney Robertson
 Mickie's Marvelous Minis(BOGO)- Nikki Rarefindlikediamonds Shearer
Mickie's Marvelous Minis(clips)-  Missy Sue Isaac
 NeeNee's Goods- Amy Nelson

CONGRATS WINNERS!! Please contact the sponsor to claim your prizes!!


  1. Congrats, everyone! Hope everyone gets their prize. I won a while ago, contacted the sponsor and never heard back or received my gift. :(

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