Sunday, September 29, 2013

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS September 27th, 2013

Cute n classy jewels 4 less- Kristen Visser

Kuntry Bumpkin Bling N Things-  Alesha Graves
ACE- Appetite Control & Energy By Sara-  MelissaandKeith Miller
Made with love: handmade jewelry by Shana- Susan D'Alesandro Wilder

Boots Accessories Boutique-   Nicole Cummings
Lebonbontree- Emily Brooks
The Lollipop Tutu Shop- Tina Marie Parker
Gingerlyboutique- Satina Marie
 Pink Zebra - Zippy Sprinkles- Kimberly Cleaver 
Sams crochet creations-  Kristy Franks
Dazzling Blue- Kelly Radka
Blissful Sewing- Misty Bettis Newman
 Hello Sunshine Etsy Store- Katie Leedy
 Fredas Fancy a little jewel- Ashley Miles
 ACE- Appetite Control & Energy by Ash Strick- Amy Medley
Younique By Anna- Alex Ag
Lin Taylor Accessories- Shelly Meadows
 Reach Out Now- Marcia Hutcherson
 Pretty pens by Sara- Jennifer Loria-Spano
 Bella's Blooming Bowtique- Karla Thomas
Ace It with Amber- Jordan Henry
Rockin My ACE- Cristine Cluney
 Models and Tiaras- Susan Wilson
It Works Fusion Wraps- Melissa Lindsay Kieffer
CONGRATS WINNERS!! Please contact your sponsor within 72 hours to claim your prizes!! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS September 20th, 2013

Melissa Fleming Designs -  Jessinda Schuenemann
Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows -   Angela D. Hughes
ACE - Weight No More with Dawn-  Cristine Cluney
boutique business solutions- Kiana Blaze
Blue Monkey Designs- Laura Grable
Pink Zebra - Zippy Sprinkles- Sara Weaver
Gingerlyboutique- Misty Scarbrough-nichols
Set in Lacquer- Peggy Fedison
31 Fun with Julia- Lisa Proffer
One Stitch Short- Dorothy Rechkemmer
ACE- appetite control & energy with Ash Strick - Taya Miguel
ropes & rhinestone-  Jessica D Schmidt Bradley
Tutus for Tunie- MarcandKelli Bryson
 Sassy Pink Zebra - independent consultant Jaime Taylor- Tracey Andino
 J & L Advertising- FarynDan Eagen
Lebonbontree- Cynthia Phelps
 Amy Nelson - Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant(polish)- Aubree Alyssa
 Amy Nelson - Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant(BOGO)-  Amanda Turner Ward
Trooplets- Danita Vojta
Cute n Classy Jewels 4 Less- Shellie Emmett Hazelton
Pleasure Essentials(soap paint)-  Jason Cunningham
Pleasure Essentials(lip balm)- Oletha Dawn Reel
Pleasure Essentials(avon samples)- JoBeth Butcher
SowingtheSeedBeads(orange beads)- Christina Pickens
 SowingtheSeedBeads(orange and black)- Nikki Rarefindlikediamonds Shearer
 SowingtheSeedBeads(necklace)- Ginger Sawyer
 pretty vintage props- Trina Dean
 KnitTastic Knots(Ghost)- Angel Stanforth Heflin
 KnitTastic Knots(Minion)- Crystal Zamudio Rico
 Pretty pens by Sara- Lisa Sarmiento
 Bella's Blooming Bowtique- Mary Jo Taylor
Cuckoo Tutu- MelissaandKeith Miller
CONGRATS to all this weeks winners!! Contact the sponsor to claim you prizes! See you all next weekend! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS September 6th, 2013

31 Fun with Julie-  Holly Jane Allen Domer
Our Little Button- Christina Horstman
Art Candy by PinkSodaPop-  Kyla Stevenson Staggs
Reach Out Now- Faryn Eagen
ACE Weight Loss and Energy with Marie- Katherine Kistner
 It All Started With A BOW- Ashley Stephenson Barnett
Gingerlyboutique- Ashley Beach
Sweet As Candy-Likes & Ladders- Regina Trobee
Punky Designs- Jennifer Jones
The Sassy Taterbug- Tandi Vidal
Pretty Pens by Sara- Mary Jo Taylor
Bella's Blooming Bowtique- Carla M. Dunn
Jewelry in Candles with Hope- Molly Ellen Miller
Ace it With Amber- JD Hoppe
Pleasure Essentials(Halloween goodie bag)- Cheryl Bolinger
Pleasure Essentials(Avon)-   Tiffany Lambert and Linda L Dougherty
Pleasure Essentials(Cloud 9)- Kelsy Olson and Shannon Celli-Durkee
Pleasure Essentials(Soylicious)- Ashley Pate and Beth Gurnoe
Sassy Secrist Crochet- Danielle Dahmer
Rockin My ACE- Alex Ag
Crystal Candy Couture- Charlene Sheppard Chynn
Tonya Davidge- Jamie Battle
ACE- Appetite Control & Energy by Sara-  Christina Arthur Hiegel
Gingerlyboutique-  Dusty L Schnur
Little Baby Buds Boutique-  Jamie Saint
Pink Zebra- Zippy Sprinkles-  Trudi Hazen
DeAnna's Decor- Veronica Bouldin
 NeeNee's Goods-  Rosina Hodges
Personalized Pics by Opal Bell-  Alexandria Julia Tinnon
Mickie's Marvelous Minis(2 free entries)-  Samantha Hackney Robertson
 Mickie's Marvelous Minis(BOGO)- Nikki Rarefindlikediamonds Shearer
Mickie's Marvelous Minis(clips)-  Missy Sue Isaac
 NeeNee's Goods- Amy Nelson

CONGRATS WINNERS!! Please contact the sponsor to claim your prizes!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS for August 30th, 2013

A&A Boutique- Nicole McCoy
Dazzling BlueHope Gooch
Pleasure Essentials(necklace)- Alesha Graves
Pleasure Essentials(cloud 9)- Cheryl Gilbert and Miranda Perkins
Pleasure Essentials(avon)- Sheila Robertson and Jessica Lynn Martin
Pleasure Essentials(soylicious)- April Lynn Baker and Katherine Boone Perkins
Peach Perfect BowtiqueTina Marie Parker
Sterling Beauties BoutiqueMary Jo Taylor
Kris DeVoss Wrap it up NYJamie Battle
ACE- Appetite Control & Energy by Sara- Karen Speller
Sweet As Candy-Likes & LaddersRhonda Kenny Humphreys
GingerlyboutiqueNoeme Lugo
Ace It with AmberNancy Jean Chartrand
Crystal Candy Couture EmbellishmentsNikki Bowling

lilla rose- flexi clips by Kim- Jessica Austin
Haute L.A. BoutiqueNicole Maurone
wrapping you skinny- Karen Luedy- Jennifer ParDue
our hearts desire by laura- Nicole Cummings
Pink Zebra - Zippy SprinklesClaudette Lariviere
*for the love of ace*- Samantha Hackney Robertson
4 Quarters CollectionEmily Holstrom
the 2 hookers shop- Courtney E Flinchum
Clip a Bow-tiqueTaisha Santiago

CONGRATS winners!! Please contact the sponsor within 72 hours to claim your prizes!!