Monday, June 10, 2013

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS June 7th, 2013

ace appetite & energy by Christina Lamotte- Megan Brown and Carita Sutton-Acuna
Jessica's Plexus SlimSarah Banes

ACE it UPYadielandJoannie Fam
Glitz N Glam BowtiqueAlyssa Michalski
romiandromeo- Trisha Wagner
Rockin My ACEJessica W Towsley
Makn the Rounds(skull queen)- Amy Reese
Makn the Rounds(rock n roll)- Janet Wallack
ACE appetite control by sara- Heather Howard
ropes & rhinestones- Alicia Maher
Bailey Boutique Bow'sTaisha Santiago
Sun Kissed Bows- Kristy Franks
The Lollipop Tutu ShopSheila Robertson
Ownfreebiz - Leah Washburn
Ali's Boutique N Advertising- Christy L. Domingue
I'm Losin' It With ACEJennifer Jones
I'm Losin' It With WrapsLeanne Pailing-Reeves
Melissa Fleming DesignsKarrie Moore Smith

CONGRATS WINNERS!! Contact the sponsor to claim your prize! Who's gonna be here next week??

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