Monday, July 30, 2012

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS July 27th, 2012!!

PTL Ventures- Christy Trojanovich-Pilkinton
Overcash Clothes, Bows & Cloth Diapers- Erin Neu
ACE. Your Weight.- Marie Cantelli
Appleseed Boutique {by Denise}- Kate Savage
Eon Phone Shop- Jenny Cawrse
Kettle of Fish Clothing- Glenna Wilson-Gouza
Rockin My ACE- Caroline Andrus
Cosmetic Sanctuary- Brittany Hampton
Lil' Chelsea Bun- Stephanie Michaud Comnick
Lexibug's Closet- Angel Stanforth Heflin
Vital Signs of Pooler - Melissa Duncan
Mark Cosmetics-Rep LyTysha- Deirdre Nicole Lawson
Savvy Student Shopper- Tiffany Stufflestreet
Kiss N Makeup-Julie Rogers Klein
Isabella's Boutique- Angel Ballard
Unicorn Daydreamers- Tiffany Hines
A Well Being- Kristine Gordon
Claudia Bazaar, Independent Consultant with the Pampered Chef- Heather Howard
Lala's Lovely Bowtique- Amy Bealer
We Promote And Shoutout- Claudia Bazaar
Love For Lacquer- Katherine Zimmer
Sampler Castle- Kristy Franks
Heartless Dolls | Mineral Makeup- Crystal-Todd Holmes
Kates Coasters- Shana Lea Ische
Tara's Love of 30 plus 1. - Lindy Bee Giordano
Tantalizing Sampler- Samantha Fannin
Delightful Scents- Amy Bealer
BowBiz Dog Bows- Katherine Kistner
The Fuzzy Stitch- Amanda Colianni
Posh Blocks- Yvette Byars

CONGRATS to all this weeks winners! Make sure and come back next weekend for another GREAT giveaway!

Monday, July 23, 2012

FUNtastic Friday WINNERS!! July 20th, 2012

Blue Monkey Designs- Susan Perez
Taneja's Bride - A Blog about Cosmetics and Nail Polish- Candice Cook
Independent Scentsy Consultant/ Lieghann Griffith- Alicia MonteithRachelle Armelle Roux Gilbert, and Megan Kerner
My SoCal Creations- Deirdre Nicole Lawson
PaitAva's Custom Bowtique- Lee Elmer
The Lollipop Tutu Shop- Michelle King
Pink Zebra- Independent Consultant- Jordan Petrovic- Kristin Kennedy
Erica's Sassy Boutique- Jannie Bates
Rhonda Hardin Martin- Heather LaChe' Lolley Godsey
Mark Cosmetics-Rep LyTysha- Rachel Dawson

Krystal Brooke Music- Nicole Wilcox-Sullivan
Bena's Boutique- Angel BallardEarrings by Cynn- Amy G. CraftClaudia Bazaar, Independent Consultant with the Pampered Chef- Brittany M DoerflerLala's Lovely Bowtique- Michelle JohnsonLittle baby buds boutique- Kara VickFinger Painting Fingers- Kristin Anderson IwancioCrochet designs by Jenn and Gussie- Heather HowardThe Fuzzy Stitch- Christina HorstmanPTL Ventures- Lisa BoyceTomboy Tools by Angel- Jennifer Smith-KinleyThe Boutique Network- Chrissy WilcoxSet In Lacquer- Erin WardBaby Leggings and More- Felicia Danielle Burns

CONGRATS Winners, and losers don't give up! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

WINNERS!! FUNtastic Friday July 13th, 2012!!

Reach Out Now- Suzanne Crawford
31 fun with julia- Hanna Rose Steen
The Fuzzy Stitch- DeeDee Reid
Kailee's BOWS(sports bow)- Mary Trimmer
Kailee's BOWS(pink and black bow)- Heather Skipper
Kates Coasters- Sammie Jo Tucker-Pace
Blue Monkey Designs- Connie Phelps
Krystal Brooke Music- Hayley Ross
31 by Yasha- Bobbi Short
Tiffany Helean Jamberry Nail Independent Consultant- Trish Reiman
Stitching By Moonlight- Tia Johnson
PaitAva's Custom Bowtique- Erica Landreth
SowingtheSeedBeads(yellow earrings)- Opal Bell
SowingtheSeedBeads(black and white earrings)- Michael Sullivan
Silly Goose Creations- Cynthia Lynn Glensky-McClelland
Isabella's Accessories- Selenalaykinpaxtongriffin Bell
Firefly Bowtique- Melinda Prater
ACE. Your Weight.- Yvette Byars
LuvBug Bowtique- Gisele Brosseau
Gorgeous-Glamour- Tiffany Helean
Do You Bake? with Ashleigh Wilson- Jenny Cawrse
One Stitch Designs- Mindy Coffey
Princess Melanie's Boutique- Patty Medrano
McKay Designs- Amanda Eldridge
Spear Creek Designs- Tiffany Hines
Tealy's TuTus- Shelley Lard
Kay K. Crochet- Rosa Del Carmen Rivera
Set in Lacquer- Felicia Marie
Little baby buds boutique- Brittany Riley
Beading of My Heart- Tegina Dubose Hinson
My Party Design- Kristy Franks

Winnners are announced!! Congrats to everyone from this week!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

FUNtastic Friday winners for July 8th, 2012!!

Set in Lacquer- Lisa Belanger
PTL Ventures- Terry Fiese
Mark Cosmetics-Rep LyTysha- Nicole McCoy
For the Love of Coffee, Organo Gold- Jennifer Ogilvie
Mommy After Dark- LaShendra Shen Rock Johnson
Krystal Brooke Music- Amy Stewart
byTina Design- Marie Gaglio Miller
Spear Creek Designs- Cindy Marie Poolaw-Smith
Kaitlin Wheeler Photography- Jamie Dodd
Scrappin' with Chris- Peggy Fedison
Paper & Ink- Rikkiel Busser
2 Dye For- Debbie Goodrich
Crochet designs by jenn and gussie(20% off)- Carol Zamora Cuna
Crochet Designs by Jenn and Gussie(yellow and white headband)- Bella M. Stewart
Do You Bake? with Ashleigh Wilson- Gracie Annie
Bow Allure- Crystal Beauparlant
Rhonda Hardin Martin- Janelle Celander
From Invisibly Insane Designs- Ashley Agner
Like Mother, Liked Daughter {hand stamped jewelry & more}- Caitlyn LeJeune
For My Princess Tutus- Amanda Nowak
Bianca's mark.- Beth Rumbo, Mindy Coffey, and Jessica Kershner
Lexibug's Closet - Jeannie Pittman
-Hannah's Closet & Resale-Amber Chisholm
DIY Hazlo Tu Misma Supplies- Lisa Boyce
Heartless Dolls | Mineral Makeup- Frances James
Daydream Designs by Angela Nallely- Taisha Garcia
Tomboy Tools by Angel- Heather Howard
Pink Zebra- Independent Consultant- Jordan Petrovic- Kayla D Moore
Minnie's Fairy Tales Bow-tique- Trina Marie
Firefly Bowtique- Jessika Hill
Kay K. Crochet- Victoria Davis
The Fuzzy Stitch- Christine Paine
Emily Lee mark. Rep- Meena Rao
Blue Monkey Designs- Susan Dean
Moni's Bows N More(zebra letter)- Holly Miller
Moni's Bows N More(angry bird flower)- Amy Jean Kappes
Moni's Bows N More( DC flower)- Erin Walsh
Little baby buds boutique- Deirdre Nicole Lawson
Sampler Castle- Cassandra Mcavey
Ally-Rae: The Posh n' Prissy- LaVonne White

Congrats to all this weeks WINNERS!! Come back for next weeks giveaway and even more WINNERS!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

FUNtastic Friday giveaway WINNERS June 29th, 2012!!

Pink Zebra- Julie Dionisi-Owens
Cute D Tails- Noelle Quade

Avon with Iaisha- Maria Singer Nestor
Stephanie Marie's Kids Boutique- Shawn'smommy Weyandt-young
Beauty Shoes Nails & Fun- Francisca Acks-Ramos 
Minnie's Fairy Tales Bow-tique- Angel Ballard
Heavens Lovely Childrens Designs And Goodies- Heather Howard 
Pretty Little Things by Lindsay- Angela Erving Busker 
A Well Being- Dawn Twombly
Krystal Brooke Music- Jessica Burge Norman 
The Fuzzy Stitch- Jennifer Reedyk 
Initially Yours By Heidi- Dia Cook 
Boutique Pink- Glenna Wilson-Gouza
Invisibly Insane Designs- Tandi Rios 
Beading of My Heart- Christina Arthur Hiegel 
Kate's Coasters- Kara Rasnick
Bronze Budget Boutique- Cindy Marie Poolaw-Smith
Tomboy Tools by Angel- Erin Smith 
Brittany's Jewelry- Anna Yeo 
Pink Zebra- Independent Consultant- Jordan Petrovic- Cassandra Wollum 
Tiffany Helean-Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant- Gina Fiorini Toothe 
Baby's Inspired Creations- Cassidie Harris 
Blue Monkey Designs- Gracie Annie 
Darling Divaz- Kyla Stevenson 
Krissy Burton Your Local Avon Rep- Meghan Eulberg 
The Bird's Nest Boutique- Su Abby 
Sampler Castle- Maggie Failla Samaan 
BowBiz Dog Bows- Jennifer Patterson Speegle 
Tracie's Giveaway Find's- Samantha Fannin 
Baby K- Roe Clark 

Heartless Dolls | Mineral Makeup- Willis Flanagan
Chris's This and THAT ... >>.<<- Stacy Hamacher
Pink Boutique(clamshell tarts)- Melissa Duncan
Pink Boutique(white top)- Amy Martaindale
We Promote And Shoutout- Kimberly Michael Cleaver
A.C.E. Natural Canada- Felicia Danielle Burns
Daydream Designs by Angela Nallely- Patty Medrano
31 fun with julia- Debbie Goodrich
Overcash, Clothes, Bows & Cloth Diapers- Audra Watts

That's it for this weeks winners CONGRATS and see you ALL next week!!