Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diamond Candle Review and GIVEAWAY!!

If your looking for a fun gift idea or just want to pamper yourself I highly suggest checking out Diamond Candle! Not only do you get a MARVELOUSLY smelling candle but there is a treat in EVERY candle! Wrapped up tightly in every candle is a ring that can be worth anywhere from 10 dollars to 5000 dollars! Yep you read that right 5000 dollars!! The candles are only 24.95 so this is a great gift! Its like 2 gifts for the price of 1!

Diamond Candle's Store- LOTS of different scents!

Diamond Candle's Facebook Page -I love seeing all the pictures of the rings people get.

Onto the Review:

Diamond Candles sent me the Hawaiian Coconut scent which smelled so wonderful. I chose to keep it in my bathroom and use it during baths. It made the whole room smell serene. It was very relaxing. While the kids were playing with daddy I was relaxing in my own little world. It was very nice to be in my own little world, and Diamond Candles helped me to get there. I kept the candle burning for a few hours until the wrapping surround the ring was poking out. I was so excited to see what ring I got!! Just so you know watching the candle will not make it burn any faster ;)

I was able to easily remove the ring from the candle. The soy is very soft which made it really easy to remove the ring. I really love how well packaged the ring was. No wax got on or in it which was great! The ring was wrapped in a plastic baggy as well as foil. Very well protected, which was one of the things I was worried about before getting the ring out. I LOVE the ring I got! It is very pretty and was worth the wait!

So I bet your wondering about the giveaway. Well Diamond Candles is giving away a sample back of 5 Diamond Candles to one lucky person! This prize is valued at 124.75!! Its very easy to enter!! Simply click the link below! There are a few of us bloggers participating in this review and giveaway so you only need to sign up with one of us!

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Thank you very much for allowing me to review your candle Diamond Candles and good luck to all those who enter :)


  1. Neat idea. Since it's almost summer, Hawaiian Coconut or Strawberry Bliss both sound good!

  2. Hawaiian Coconut!!!! By the way...Is that Stephen King "The waste lands" in the background? If so killer choice!! <3

    1. I can never find coconut in general :(