Sunday, March 18, 2012

ZEN-FULL CREATIONS: Mama Cloth Laundry Soap

ZEN-FULL CREATIONS Provides all natural laundry soap to wash your mama cloth in. She also makes lotions, slat/sugar scrubs and all purpose cleaner. If your looking for a natural way to go for your cleaning/pampering needs head on over to Zen-Full Creations and see what she has for you! She is also offering F&G fans a 15% discount. Also check out her facebook page as she does do alot of auctions and other fun things.

Onto the Review:

This shop sent me a few samples of her laundry soap. On the packages there was a label that listed the ingredients. There was also an explanation as to how much to use per load. I really liked the feel of this ships professionalism in the packaging.

  •  The soap goes along way. You only need a tps for small loads.
  • I felt that the soap wouldn't harm my pads and I couldn't really say the same for my other soap. This gave me peace of mind that I was caring for them correctly.
  • I liked the smell o the soap. I am weird and have to smell everything. The smell of this soap was pleasant.
  • Lifted the stains rather well :)

  • NONE. This is a great product if your only washing pads/diapers. Could get expensive if you were to wash whole loads with it but thats not what it is intended for.
If your looking for laundry soap to wash your mama cloth I would suggest heading over to Zen-Full Creations! If your going to g green might as well go all the way :)

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