Saturday, March 17, 2012

Randumosity: Mama Cloth

If your looking for fun prints, look no further! Head on over to Randumosity for a great variety of prints and sizes! I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was browsing her shop! All the "pretties" make you look forward to your period (cant believe I just said that)! Plus you get free shipping on all pad orders! How awesome is that!?

Onto the review!

Randumosity sent me two colorful pads for this review! This shop makes their pads from the following materials: 100% Cotton Flannel Wings, Bamboo for absorption, Cotton Flannel, Velour or Bamboo Velour. Length of mama cloths: 6.5" Mini, 8" Regular, 10" Heavy, 11" Overnight, 12.5" PP or 14" PP.  Contact the shop to have them meet your personal needs!

The pros:
  • This pad was very comfortable! I coundnt even tell I was wearing a pad at certain times. It felt so soft. So much better than the rough disposable ones :)
  • I liked the materials used. The dark colors were very helpful as far as stains (which I didn't notice any).
  • Some of the pads I reviewed had alittle rubbing on the legs and felt sort of uncomfortable. These did NOT! I really liked the feeling of wearing them.

    The cons

    • I had alittle bit of leakage on the side where the flaps were. There is no absorbent material in the flaps so it went right through to my panties. This happened with both pads. After my mishap I tried tighter panties so the flaps were not exposed at all and I didnt have any more leaking. For me I had to wear tighter panties in order for this pad to be successful. I had zero problems after my panty switch!
    • I wish there was a tag on the pads to remind me where they came from in case I want to order more. Alot of my friends loved the prints and I had to look through my pics to tell them where they came from.

     If your looking for your periods to be fun, you have found the right site! Go check out all of her goodies and get excited for your period to come! I felt like I did right before I got my first period! Never thought I would b excited for Aunt Flow to visit me ever again!

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