Sunday, March 18, 2012

Party In My Pants: Mama Cloths

The name says it all! Party In My Pants is a super fun shop to deal with! They have very cute designs and many different styles to choose from. This company is one of my favorites during the whole Mama Cloth reviews!

Onto the review!!

Party In My pants sent me one medium pad to review. Their pads materials are: Conventional Cotton & Flannel, Organic Cotton & Flannel, Nylon. The Length of mama cloths are: 7" to 15.5". As you can see they can fit the needs of many different types! They know one size doesn't fit all and they work to do the best to match your needs. Also they have a free panty liner (just pay shipping) so you can try them out. I highly recommend doing so!

Pad Pros
  • Its so thin!!! When I first opened the package they sent I assumed it was a panty liner. When I read on the tag that it was for medium flow my eyebrow rose doubtfully. How in the heck is this little thing going to hold anything let alone anything let alone a medium flow? Which brings me to my next pro.
  • Its SO absorbent! I couldnt believe how awesome this pad was at absorbing. I used it for medium flow and had zero problems. Zero leaks, no moisture. It was awesome!
  • I love the backing of the pad. It is nylon which gave me added protection if I did wear it to long. Great peace of mind.
  • It had tags!! The tags had what the flow was and who made them. I loved that it was all in one tag! Very helpful so I am not second guessing the flow. If it didnt have a tag I would have never guessed it could hold so much!
  • There was chocolate tucked in my pad. I opened it up and yummy goodness :)
  • The phamlet inside was very informational. It gave care and wearing instructions plus information about the two sister who make them.
  • Since it was so thin I could wear it as a pantyliner as well! I loved it! I kept it in my purse after my period so I would have it "just in case".


  • I racked my brain to think of a negative. I got NOTHING. I LOVE THIS PAD!

If you couldnt tell I highly recommend trying this pad out. I plan on ordering more. It is everything I could ask for in a pad and more. Thank you ladies for letting me review your product :)


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