Sunday, March 18, 2012

MotherMoonPads Review

If you haven't checked out MotherMoonPads you should really head on over for a peak! She has many different styles, fabric choices and she is soon to be venturing into selling wetbags! cant wait :) Please enjoy 10% off all purchases at with coupon code FG2012!

Onto the review :)

MotherMoonPads has me over the moon with all the goodies she sent for this review! I am reviewing a panty liner, a normal flow pad, a heavy flow pad and an overnight (or post partum)pad. All normal flow pads are embroidered with an "N" on the wing, heavy flow with an "H", and Postpartum with "PP". You will no longer guess the absorbency of the pad you are grabbing! All pads are topped with either a super soft minky (which resists staining!) or a more natural option, cotton velour. The absorbent layers are either organic bamboo fleece or Zorb, depending on the absorbency. Zorb is a blend of bamboo, cotton and poly that is super trim and very absorbent. The pads are backed with anti-spill fleece to protect you from leaks while maintaining breathability. I like that the pads came with care instructions as well!

Overnight/Post Partum

  • This pad just looks like its going to do the job!  Its thin in the center and then as it go towards your bum it gets wider. With disposable pads there is the fear that when you move around at night your going to leak. I didn't have this problem with the overnight! Very protective!
  • Surprising comfy! It looks like its bulky and I was alittle afraid that i was going to be uncomfortable but I was amazed at how well it fit and how comfortable it actually was.


  • I had a very little leakage issue. It wasn't enough to make me not use this pad again but it did leak alittle. In the pads defense I roll around so much that sometimes I wake up where my feet started off so I did not make the pads job easy. It did not leak to the bed so I am very happy with that.
  • There wasn't a tag to remind me where I got the pad from. This is true for all the pads in this line so I am only going to post it once here :)
                                                                      Heavy Flow Pad

  • I love that it had an "H" embroidered on it. This really took the guesswork out of deciding which pad was best to wear.
  • This pad was very well made and extremely comfortable. I was surprised with its comfort since it was designed for heavy flow.
  • VERY absorbent! MotherMoonPads wasn't getting when they rated this baby for heavy flow! If you have heavy flows I suggest heading over to this shop!


  • Although it is a heavy flow pad I did feel moisture from it early on. It wasn't horribly bad but I wish it would have felt less mushy.

                                                              Normal Flow Pad


  • I LOVE that it had a "N" on it to let me know when to use this pad. Very super helpful!

  • This pad was exactly the right length for me. I had no leaking in the front, back or sides do to "spill over" from the pad being to short or too narrow. The type of panties I wore did not affect its performance (though you might not want to wear a thong LOL).

  • Very absorbent. I was happy with the absorbent level of this "normal" flow. I felt it could hold alittle more then normal.


  • As with the Heavy flow pad it was alittle moist early on. This didn't affect me using the pad. It just made me more aware of my period.

  • Super cute (as with all the other products she sells) 
  • Small enough to stash in your pocket "just in case". I wore it on the day after my period for added peace of mind. Did great!

  • NONE :) Great pantyliner!!
I am so happy MotherMoonPads allowed me to try her pads. I would recommend you to check her out and see for yourself! My favorites in her line is the overnight pads and the panty liners! if your a heavy bleeder I really suggest trying her Normal and Heavy flows! These are GREAT!

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