Friday, March 16, 2012

Michelle's Handmade Boutique : Mama Cloth

The first Mama Cloth shop I reviewed was Michelle's Handmade Boutique. I have used her products before so I was thrilled when she joined our Mama Cloth review. In honor of this review Michelle is giving F&G fans 20% off of Mama Cloth purchases!

Onto the review!

Michelle sent me two pads for this review. This pads are very inexpensive at only 5 dollars each! The materials used in her pads are fleece, flannel and/or zorb. You can order regular, long or overnight. From prior experience if you message her she will work with you to get an order right for you! She may also send you some yummy tea she sent to me! Its for women when they are on their period and it helps you to relax. I love her personal touches!

The pros:
  • I loved the patterns on both as purple is my favorite color! Having dark colors also made me feel better. 
  •  These pads were very thin yet super absorbent! I had a mild/medium flow when I wore these and they lasted most of the day. For all of the pads I changed them when it felt moist. It took a while to feel that with these pads.
  • I felt very confident that I wouldn't have any leaks in these pads.

    The cons:
    • These pads attach to your panties using Velcro. When I first put the pads on the corner of the Velcro rubbed up against my inner thigh. Once I pulled my pants up I didn't have this problem anymore though. After wearing and washing them I cur the corner of the Velcro and had zero problems after that!
    • Since I had alot of different pads to review it would have been helpful if there was a tag for the shop on the pad so I could quickly remember where it came from. I had a few friends over and I had to resort to looking at the pictures I took to recall who sent which pad. Also maybe some sort of marking or tag to know which absorbency the pad is rated for would be helpful.
    All together I think this is a good pad at a great price! I would recommend trying out Michelle's Handmade Boutique! If you stop on by be sure to tell her F&G sent you :)

    Michelle's Facebook page
    Michelle's online shop

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    1. i really was looking forward to this review but, i wish you had include pictures before and after use and wash(of course)i really wanted to see how they look after they have been use and wash.