Sunday, March 18, 2012

GladRags: Mama Cloth

If your looking to have "control" over your coverage then GladRags are for you! These were the only pads I reviewed that had inserts in them so if I felt it was going to be a heavy day I could add more inserts but if it was a lighter day then I could just put one insert in. GladRags not only sell pads but  cups, pad detergents, soaking buckets, and cramp relief.

Onto the review :)

I was sent a day pad, night pad and a panty liner to review. The day time and nighttime pads both had 2 inserts each. The materials used in the GladRags are: cotton flannel and cotton terry, organic cotton and organic terry. I really liked that they all came in a box with wearing and care instruction. This company feels very professional!

Night time Pad PROS:
  •  Great coverage! It was long enough to cover me through the night. I move so much during the night that with disposable pads I end up leaking. With GladRags Night time pad I didn't have that problem.
  • I had no moisture feeling when I woke up in the morning. This was nice because with disposable pads when the morning comes I rush into the bathroom close and lock the door and take a shower asap, due to the leaking and moisture feeling. I didn't feel this with GladRags.
  • These pads had tags on them! This was very helpful when I was showing my goodies off and when it comes time for me to order more.
  • I liked the inserts. I had 2 from the night time and two from the day time so if I felt it was going to have a heavy night I could add more inserts. I liked that I could interchange the inserts!

Night Times CONS:
  • I didn't like that with the inserts on the night time pads it only covered the area in the picture above. It would be better if the night time inserts were alittle longer. Although I didn't have any leaks it would have gave me better peace of mind.
Day Time Pad PROS:
  • I liked the tags on the day time pads! It really helped me share the pads with friends. It also helped when it came time to review.
  •  I could add inserts based on my flow. I could pack up the pad and inserts and decide the coverage I needed when the time came. This made packing up my wetbag for the day alittle easier.
  • The pads and liners washed very nicely.

Day Time Pad CONS:

  • As a personal preference I like a longer pad. These felt short and I leaked alittle up front. A longer pad would fix this problem right up!
  • The inserts themselves didn't seem super absorbent. I had a few inserts in my pad though so I didn't leak. I did pull out the inserts to inspect and it did go all the way through one and was working on the other. I would caution you to be careful because if it goes through the last insert you may leak on your panties. I did NOT have this problem when I used them but it could have if i wasn't on top of it.
Pantyliner PROS:
  • Soft and comfortable. I couldn't tell I was wearing it.
  • Cute designs. I loved the pink :)
  • It did its job for a pantyliner!
Pantyliner CONS
  • NONE. This was a good pantyliner!!

I really like what GladRags bring to the table. I was skeptical at first but I am really a fan of the night time pads! If your looking for protection during your slumbers and during the day be sure to check out Gladrags!