Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eco Alternatives LLC : Mama Cloth and Wetbag

Eco Alternatives LLC just makes me smile. I am unsure why but I love the feel of her shop. In addition to Mama cloth she also sells wet bags, nursing pads, baby bids, wash cloth and a variety of other items, all of which are reasonably priced! If your looking to go green in more ways than one, I suggest checking her out! She has many ways to interact with her shop.

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Onto the review!

Eco Alternatives LLC sent me a pad and a wet bag for this review. The materials used for her pads are Flannel, zorb, PUL, professional grade snaps, thread. Her pads are very inexpensive! Regular pads are only 5 dollars! PLUS she has a promotion going on right now in her Zibbet shop only; NEWSHOP earns you 15% off a purchase of $30.00 or more! Great deal to get your Mama Cloth stash going. Eco Alternatives LLC will work with you to make a pad that will work for you!

Wet bag Pros:

  • LOVE the fabric! It is so adorable! Nobody knew I was carrying around pads in my bag which was great!
  • This wet bag was small emough to fit in my purse but still fit 3-4 pads in it which was impressive.
  • It had a tag! I loved that it had a tag on it so it was easy for me to let my friends know where I got it from! Also if I ever want to order another one I wont have to guess where I got it from.
  • The zipper is a nice feature. I didn't have to worry about the pads falling out.

Wet bag cons

  • Only one con and it really isn't too bad. I used it for soiled pads that I had rinsed out. I left them in there overnight (forgot to take them out) and in the morning the outside of the bag was wet. Not a huge deal. Just don't leave wet pads in the bag to long or use it for dry pads only.

Pad Pros:

  • I was very happy that this pad came with care instructions and which side of the pad goes towards your panties. As a new Cloth Mama I had trouble with figuring out which side was up. These instructions left me feeling confident that I was using them correctly and I could care for the just as well!
  • The fabric was great. It was dark which helped if there was staining (which there wasn't).
  • The absorbency was great with this pad!

Pad Cons:

  • I wish there was also a tag on the pad so I could easily tell where it came from if I wanted to order more.
  • I had alittle leakage where the wing of the pad is since there isn't absorbent material there. The second time I used it, I wore tighter panties and I did not have that problem so my advise is to wear panties that allow the wings to go all the way around (I was wearing "boy shorts" at first).

I wold suggest that you check out Eco Alternatives LLC! Her shop makes for a very fun experience! Thank you for allowing m to review your products :)


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