Monday, March 19, 2012

CC Bums: Mama Cloth

Going green would not be complete without a visit to CC Bums! She has super cute items for the whole family! From Mama Cloths to apple cozies she has it all! I love the variety this shop has to offer! CC Bums also offers a 10% discount for first time buyers!

Onto the review!

CC Bums sent me a wetbag, pad and a thong liner for this review. The materials she uses with her mama cloth are: Cotton, bamboo, velour, minkee, fleece.
Length of mama cloths: from 6" up to 12" (She also has a line for full figured ladies up to 18"). Her prices vary from $3.12 for a pantyliner up to $20 for the largest one.

Wetbag PROS:

  • This wetbag fit ALOT of mama cloths. I really liked the strecthiness of it. This allowed me to put my unused ones in it to tote around in my purse!
  • Its discreet. People wont know whats in your bag even if you are just carrying the bag itself.
  • Its very cute! I really liked the design of it.

Wetbag CONS:

  • Well there is not liner to make it usable as a "wet" bag. If you put wet pads in there it would soak right through. This was no issue for me as I used it for my unused pads and it was perfect!
  • There wasn't a tag on it so it was hard to remember where I got it from when my friend ask. Luckily I had notes about each one though.


  • LOVED the minky feeling of it. SOOO comfortable!
  • Very cute design!
  • Good for my light days. I liked that it was small and thin and worked perfect for a light to medium flow.
  • Folded up very small. I stashed in my pocket for a quick outing. No need toting around all the mama cloths for a quick errand!
  • Doubled as a panty liner. It was so thin and comfy that I wore it as a pantyliner as well.

  • There really weren't any cons with this pad. I do wish it had a tag on it but other then that it was a great light/medium flow pad :)

Pantyliner PROS:

  • I loved the pattern!Who doesnt love pink skulls? Made me smile when I put it on.
  • I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. Very comfortable!
  • Folder up very thin. Loved just having it my purse for the just in case moments of life!
 Pantyliner CONS:
  • Same as the pad con. A tag would be useful :)

Thong Pantyliner PROS:
  • Umm hello! Its a THONG pantyliner! How awesome?
  • It was actually very comfortable. I didn't think it would be but it was!
  • This baby folded up SO tiny! My husband even had a giggle! I really liked how small it is!
  • The materials were nice and soft. 
Thong Pantyliner CONS:
  • Same as the others. tag would have been good but I don't know where you would put it hehe.

I really enjoyed reviewing CC Bums. Since my goal this year is to go green where better to start then with a company whose motto is "Going green for the everyday family". I really suggest heading over and seeing what CC Bums has to offer!


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  1. Great review :) Just as note, as a long time CC Bums user, the fleece the wetbag is made out of is waterproof just like the backing of the pads (and the outers of her diapers). There is no need for a "liner" because it waterproof on its own :) I assure you it would never "soak right through", unless you held it under a running faucet lol