Sunday, March 18, 2012

Caroline's Creations: Mama Cloth

One Look at Caroline's Creations will show you the vast variety of items she sells! She uses many different materials for her pads so if your looking for something message I suggest messaging her to see if she can work her magic for you! Her products range from 5 dollars and go up based on what your needs are. Something else I love is that 1% of her sales is donated to purchase supplies and make kits for the Day for Girls charity. Every 3 months she sends in the kits to the charity.

Onto the review!!

I was sent one of her festive pads to review! I love all the designs in Caroline's shop! They are all so fun and make that time of the month enjoyable! The materials she uses in her pads are : Bamboo French Terry - 70% bamboo fibers, 30% Organic cotton

Diaper Grade Microterry - not chemically treated

100% Cotton Flannel - various prints, colors available

100% Smooth Quilter's Cotton - various prints & designs

Optional natural flannel, not died or bleached during processing for no additional charge to replace printed cotton and flannel

PUL - cloth diaper grade

KAM snaps- choice of commerical grade metal or OEKO TEk certified plastic, all applied with a commercial grade snap press


  • The pad was very thin feeling and very absorbent.
  • There was an "A" on the pad showing the flow level and it also helped me to determine which side was "up". Both of these were very helpful!
  • This pad was very comfortable! I loved the feeling of wearing it.
  • After wearing it for a while I still had no moisture feeling, even with a medium to heavy flow. This was outstanding! I changed the pad before the moisture feeling came but I could have worn it alot longer than I did.

  • The only con I have isn't really a con on the pad as it was very well made and held up great. I wish there was a tag on the pad for easy identification so when I order more I dont have to figure out where it came from.
I highly recommend Caroline's Creations for your Mama cloth needs. Her designs are fun and your pads are very well made. I felt very confident wearing a pad from this lovely shop and I think you will too :)
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