Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BubuBibi: Mama Cloth

BubuBibi specializes in Bamboo products for baby and for women. There products are fairly inexpensive and from what I have tested work extremely well! If your looking to go bamboo this is the shop for you!

Onto the review:

BubuBibi sent me two pads to review which consists of  one layer of waterproof material, middle is made out of 2 layers of microfiber and final layer of rayon from bamboo - Total of 4 layers. You can buy a set of four pads from BubuBibi for only 15.50 (with free shipping)! These pads are rated for medium to heavy flow.


  • It has a tag! I love how easy it is to ID where this pad came from! I also like that the tag is not in a place that would bother me while wearing it.
  • Each pad came in its own protective plastic. This made it feel more sanitary then just floating around a mailing package.
  • Price is great! 4 pads for 15.50! You cant be that price for the high quality!
  • very well made! I really liked how profession the company feels and how well the pads were made.
  • Super comfortable! I could hardly tell I was wearing it. There was no moisture feeling.
  • Great absorbency! I like that this pad was thin yet it absorb alot!

  • I had a little stain issue. I used peroxide on it and the stains did come out with a second wash. Having the white is hard to hide stains but it would not deter me from using this product.

I was really impressed with this company. They kept things simple and pulled it off marvelously. This is a great pad to start your stash or just to add to it!

*Pics from BubuBibi* 

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm planning on trying this brand.