Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blossom Pads : Mama Cloth

 I love the feel of Blossom Pads website. It is so vibrant and full of life! It makes shopping for pads a fun experience from the first click! I also founded her site to be very educational. She has a blog and a newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest happenings of her site. I also love "The Sale Rack" where you can get items she is no longer making for a discount! Who doesn't love a sale!?! For those first time users she offers an intro kit which is what I will be reviewing today.
*She is out of town until March 28th 2012*

Onto the review:)

For this review Blossom Pads sent me her Intro to Cloth Kit. This kit included:
  • 1 velour 6" pantyliner

  • 1 velour 8" pad with a bamboo/cotton core and moderate absorbency

  • 1 flannel 10" flannel pad with a cotton core and super absorbency

  • Information on how to care for your pads

  • Pantyliner PROS:

    • Easily fit in my pocket/purse. This was very handy on days I wasn't sure or if I needed to change later on. I kept this pantyliner in my purse (its still there now) so I would have it in case I needed it.
    • Super comfortable! It was thin and smooth feeling. The snaps didn't rub on my leg. I couldn't tell I was wearing it. Very nice feeling.
    Pantyliner CONS:
    • This was all around a nice pantyliner. I don't have any cons for it except if it had a tag on it I could easily ID the pantyliner.
    8" Pad PROS

    • Cute designs! All of her pads that I saw on line and that she sent are super cute. It makes periods fun!
    • I really liked that there were two snaps on this pad. This is helpful because not all women are built the same. It was also helpful when I folded up the pad. The second snap really allowed me to make the pad as small as possible for travel.
    • No leaks! Always a good thing right? It was very absorbent and worked well for my needs.
    • I liked that on the snaps it had either an "L" "M" or "S" on it to let me know the flow it should be used for.
    8" Pad CONS
    • Per personal preference it felt a little short. It did NOT leak but I did like the length of Blossom Pads 10" better. Nothing wrong with the 8" pad, I just prefer a longer pad.
    • I would love to have a tag on these for quick ID.
    10" Pad PROS:

    • Nice layering of the pad. This pad is rated for super absorbency and I can attest this. The pad was very absorbent. No fears of leaking with this one!
    • As with everything she sent this pad was well made. I could tell Blossom pads takes pride in her work. The quality in which her products are made assures me they will last a long time.

    10" Pad CONS:
    • Since this is a super absorbency pad it does feel a tad bit bulky. No where near as bad as a disposable pad but I wouldn't suggest wearing tight pants because you may see a little bulge from the pad. I did have that issue. That being said having this pad on my super heavy day was a God send. It was protective and even though it was bulky it was still comfortable.
    If you haven't checked out Blossom pads yet I suggest you do! Her pads and pantyliners are cuter and protective! Do not dread that time of the month anymore! Head on over to Blossom Pads "where greener periods bloom".

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