Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moms Crafts 4 U: Mama Cloths

Moms Crafts 4 U has a great shop full of many different items! Not only does she offer Mama Cloths, but she also has Wet Bags, Nursing Pads, Keypers, Cloth Sandwich Bags, and Fingerless gloves! he material used are very cute and the craftsmanship is fantastic!

DISCOUNT CODE: ' GREENIN2012 ' for 20% off your entire order

Onto the review!

Moms Crafts $ U sent me 4 of her pads. The specs are:
 1- 8" Organic Bamboo Topped Regular Flow Mama Cloth
1- 10" Cotton Topped Regular Flow Mama Cloth
1- 10" Organic Bamboo Topped Heavy Flow Mama Cloth
1- 12" Organic Bamboo Topped Heavy Flow Mama Cloth

8" Pad PROS:

  •  I liked that it has a #2 tag on it so I knew it was for a regular flow. This really takes the guess work out of what flow the pad was rated for.
  • No leakage! I wore it on a regular flow day and had zero problems.
  • No moist feeling. This pad absorbed very well.
8"Pad CONS:
  • I personally like a longer pad. This pad did NOT leak but I did like the longer ones better.
  • There was slight staining n this pad. It was awful and a second wash with peroxide handled the problem.

10" Regular Flow PROS

  • Loved the number 2 on the pad to let me know what flow it was rated for.
  • I really like the length of this pad.Not long and not to short. I feel like Goldie ox when I say it was just right!
  • I felt very protected with this pad. Zero leakage!!
10" Regular Flow CONS
  • I wish the pads also had a tag that stated where they came from. as my stash continues to grow I don't want to forget where I got them from in case I wish to order more
10" Heavy Flow PROS:

  • Nice and thin for a heavy flow pad. No bulky or moist feeling which was nice.
  • Very absorbent! Even though it was thin it still did the job.
  • I liked that this pad was a little wider. It gave better coverage.
  • I like that it had a number 3 of it to tell me it was for heavy flow!
10" Heavy Flow CONS:
  • None really. If it had tags saying where it came from it would be the perfect heavy flow pad.

12" Heavy Flow pad PROS

  • PERFECT nighttime pad! It was long enough to provide the coverage needed. No leaking through the night. I slept well and wasn't concerned about accidents.
  • Very comfortable for sleeping in. I didn't feel like I had to shift it around. It just fit nicely and stayed put.
  • Very thin yet super absorbent! Couldn't ask for more :)
12" Heavy Flow Pad CONS
  • I had slight staining with the nighttime pad. Not too bad though.

I would recommend heading over to Moms Crafts 4 U and checking out all she has to offer! This is one shop that you don't want to miss out on!

BubuBibi: Mama Cloth

BubuBibi specializes in Bamboo products for baby and for women. There products are fairly inexpensive and from what I have tested work extremely well! If your looking to go bamboo this is the shop for you!

Onto the review:

BubuBibi sent me two pads to review which consists of  one layer of waterproof material, middle is made out of 2 layers of microfiber and final layer of rayon from bamboo - Total of 4 layers. You can buy a set of four pads from BubuBibi for only 15.50 (with free shipping)! These pads are rated for medium to heavy flow.


  • It has a tag! I love how easy it is to ID where this pad came from! I also like that the tag is not in a place that would bother me while wearing it.
  • Each pad came in its own protective plastic. This made it feel more sanitary then just floating around a mailing package.
  • Price is great! 4 pads for 15.50! You cant be that price for the high quality!
  • very well made! I really liked how profession the company feels and how well the pads were made.
  • Super comfortable! I could hardly tell I was wearing it. There was no moisture feeling.
  • Great absorbency! I like that this pad was thin yet it absorb alot!

  • I had a little stain issue. I used peroxide on it and the stains did come out with a second wash. Having the white is hard to hide stains but it would not deter me from using this product.

I was really impressed with this company. They kept things simple and pulled it off marvelously. This is a great pad to start your stash or just to add to it!

*Pics from BubuBibi* 

Blossom Pads : Mama Cloth

 I love the feel of Blossom Pads website. It is so vibrant and full of life! It makes shopping for pads a fun experience from the first click! I also founded her site to be very educational. She has a blog and a newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest happenings of her site. I also love "The Sale Rack" where you can get items she is no longer making for a discount! Who doesn't love a sale!?! For those first time users she offers an intro kit which is what I will be reviewing today.
*She is out of town until March 28th 2012*

Onto the review:)

For this review Blossom Pads sent me her Intro to Cloth Kit. This kit included:
  • 1 velour 6" pantyliner

  • 1 velour 8" pad with a bamboo/cotton core and moderate absorbency

  • 1 flannel 10" flannel pad with a cotton core and super absorbency

  • Information on how to care for your pads

  • Pantyliner PROS:

    • Easily fit in my pocket/purse. This was very handy on days I wasn't sure or if I needed to change later on. I kept this pantyliner in my purse (its still there now) so I would have it in case I needed it.
    • Super comfortable! It was thin and smooth feeling. The snaps didn't rub on my leg. I couldn't tell I was wearing it. Very nice feeling.
    Pantyliner CONS:
    • This was all around a nice pantyliner. I don't have any cons for it except if it had a tag on it I could easily ID the pantyliner.
    8" Pad PROS

    • Cute designs! All of her pads that I saw on line and that she sent are super cute. It makes periods fun!
    • I really liked that there were two snaps on this pad. This is helpful because not all women are built the same. It was also helpful when I folded up the pad. The second snap really allowed me to make the pad as small as possible for travel.
    • No leaks! Always a good thing right? It was very absorbent and worked well for my needs.
    • I liked that on the snaps it had either an "L" "M" or "S" on it to let me know the flow it should be used for.
    8" Pad CONS
    • Per personal preference it felt a little short. It did NOT leak but I did like the length of Blossom Pads 10" better. Nothing wrong with the 8" pad, I just prefer a longer pad.
    • I would love to have a tag on these for quick ID.
    10" Pad PROS:

    • Nice layering of the pad. This pad is rated for super absorbency and I can attest this. The pad was very absorbent. No fears of leaking with this one!
    • As with everything she sent this pad was well made. I could tell Blossom pads takes pride in her work. The quality in which her products are made assures me they will last a long time.

    10" Pad CONS:
    • Since this is a super absorbency pad it does feel a tad bit bulky. No where near as bad as a disposable pad but I wouldn't suggest wearing tight pants because you may see a little bulge from the pad. I did have that issue. That being said having this pad on my super heavy day was a God send. It was protective and even though it was bulky it was still comfortable.
    If you haven't checked out Blossom pads yet I suggest you do! Her pads and pantyliners are cuter and protective! Do not dread that time of the month anymore! Head on over to Blossom Pads "where greener periods bloom".

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    CC Bums: Mama Cloth

    Going green would not be complete without a visit to CC Bums! She has super cute items for the whole family! From Mama Cloths to apple cozies she has it all! I love the variety this shop has to offer! CC Bums also offers a 10% discount for first time buyers!

    Onto the review!

    CC Bums sent me a wetbag, pad and a thong liner for this review. The materials she uses with her mama cloth are: Cotton, bamboo, velour, minkee, fleece.
    Length of mama cloths: from 6" up to 12" (She also has a line for full figured ladies up to 18"). Her prices vary from $3.12 for a pantyliner up to $20 for the largest one.

    Wetbag PROS:

    • This wetbag fit ALOT of mama cloths. I really liked the strecthiness of it. This allowed me to put my unused ones in it to tote around in my purse!
    • Its discreet. People wont know whats in your bag even if you are just carrying the bag itself.
    • Its very cute! I really liked the design of it.

    Wetbag CONS:

    • Well there is not liner to make it usable as a "wet" bag. If you put wet pads in there it would soak right through. This was no issue for me as I used it for my unused pads and it was perfect!
    • There wasn't a tag on it so it was hard to remember where I got it from when my friend ask. Luckily I had notes about each one though.

    Pad PROS:

    • LOVED the minky feeling of it. SOOO comfortable!
    • Very cute design!
    • Good for my light days. I liked that it was small and thin and worked perfect for a light to medium flow.
    • Folded up very small. I stashed in my pocket for a quick outing. No need toting around all the mama cloths for a quick errand!
    • Doubled as a panty liner. It was so thin and comfy that I wore it as a pantyliner as well.

    • There really weren't any cons with this pad. I do wish it had a tag on it but other then that it was a great light/medium flow pad :)

    Pantyliner PROS:

    • I loved the pattern!Who doesnt love pink skulls? Made me smile when I put it on.
    • I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. Very comfortable!
    • Folder up very thin. Loved just having it my purse for the just in case moments of life!
     Pantyliner CONS:
    • Same as the pad con. A tag would be useful :)

    Thong Pantyliner PROS:
    • Umm hello! Its a THONG pantyliner! How awesome?
    • It was actually very comfortable. I didn't think it would be but it was!
    • This baby folded up SO tiny! My husband even had a giggle! I really liked how small it is!
    • The materials were nice and soft. 
    Thong Pantyliner CONS:
    • Same as the others. tag would have been good but I don't know where you would put it hehe.

    I really enjoyed reviewing CC Bums. Since my goal this year is to go green where better to start then with a company whose motto is "Going green for the everyday family". I really suggest heading over and seeing what CC Bums has to offer!


    Mama Cloth :)

    Freebies and Giveaways is going green this year and our first stop is Mama Cloth! For those of you who are unsure what this product is, they are reusable menstrual pads.

    First thought? EWWWWW Gross!! You do WHAT with them?

    OK lets put the judgement to the side and do a general review of Mama Cloth before we do a review of all the sponsors of this review!!

    First I would like to share why I decided to make the switch. My period lasts for 8 days and my house is a battlefield during that awful week. I have a rash from the pad rubbing and I am just hot mess the whole time. I also have an allergy to something in the pad so my doctor suggested I switch. My first thought was there is no way I am going to rinse those out, wash them and reuse them. I just couldn't see myself doing it. It really grossed me out, but anyone who knows me knows after my initial reaction I will calm down and do whats best. I need alot of information before switching to anything so when I got home the research began. I was surprised to find that there are so many chemicals in pads and in tampons. Some chemicals are linked to cervical cancer, which I am already at risk for! This chemicals also make periods longer and more painful. That right there gave me the boost I needed to give these babies a shot!

    The next question was how in the heck am I going to choose the right brand? There are a bazillion people who make them! They come in all different shapes and sizes, plus the materials in them all are different! Not to mention this was my first experience with cloth so words like PUL had no meaning to me. I was so lost. Thats when I decided a review was in order so I could help others in my position! I got together a list of shops that made Mama Cloth and started emailing! The response was amazing! I am now able to bring to you a review to help you choose the right brands for you.

    I will say after two cycles I will NEVER use a disposable pad again! My period went from 8 days to 3 1/2 and I have very minimal cramps! Plus the amount of flow decreased by half! That alone is enough for me (and a few of my friends I have bragged to) to make the switch, but the added bonus is by switching you will save money in the long run and will most definitely help save the environment!

    For those who think its gross to rinse them out I have done the rinsing them out and I have just thrown them in the washer and either worked for me. So if you want to switch but the thought of rinsing them out is holding you back fret not, just toss them in the washer as is :) Also I have yet to have an issue with stains!! Its really not as bad as your mind makes you first think! Just get over the thought of the grossness and give it a shot :)

    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Party In My Pants: Mama Cloths

    The name says it all! Party In My Pants is a super fun shop to deal with! They have very cute designs and many different styles to choose from. This company is one of my favorites during the whole Mama Cloth reviews!

    Onto the review!!

    Party In My pants sent me one medium pad to review. Their pads materials are: Conventional Cotton & Flannel, Organic Cotton & Flannel, Nylon. The Length of mama cloths are: 7" to 15.5". As you can see they can fit the needs of many different types! They know one size doesn't fit all and they work to do the best to match your needs. Also they have a free panty liner (just pay shipping) so you can try them out. I highly recommend doing so!

    Pad Pros
    • Its so thin!!! When I first opened the package they sent I assumed it was a panty liner. When I read on the tag that it was for medium flow my eyebrow rose doubtfully. How in the heck is this little thing going to hold anything let alone anything let alone a medium flow? Which brings me to my next pro.
    • Its SO absorbent! I couldnt believe how awesome this pad was at absorbing. I used it for medium flow and had zero problems. Zero leaks, no moisture. It was awesome!
    • I love the backing of the pad. It is nylon which gave me added protection if I did wear it to long. Great peace of mind.
    • It had tags!! The tags had what the flow was and who made them. I loved that it was all in one tag! Very helpful so I am not second guessing the flow. If it didnt have a tag I would have never guessed it could hold so much!
    • There was chocolate tucked in my pad. I opened it up and yummy goodness :)
    • The phamlet inside was very informational. It gave care and wearing instructions plus information about the two sister who make them.
    • Since it was so thin I could wear it as a pantyliner as well! I loved it! I kept it in my purse after my period so I would have it "just in case".


    • I racked my brain to think of a negative. I got NOTHING. I LOVE THIS PAD!

    If you couldnt tell I highly recommend trying this pad out. I plan on ordering more. It is everything I could ask for in a pad and more. Thank you ladies for letting me review your product :)


    MotherMoonPads Review

    If you haven't checked out MotherMoonPads you should really head on over for a peak! She has many different styles, fabric choices and she is soon to be venturing into selling wetbags! cant wait :) Please enjoy 10% off all purchases at www.hyenacart.com/mothermoonpads with coupon code FG2012!

    Onto the review :)

    MotherMoonPads has me over the moon with all the goodies she sent for this review! I am reviewing a panty liner, a normal flow pad, a heavy flow pad and an overnight (or post partum)pad. All normal flow pads are embroidered with an "N" on the wing, heavy flow with an "H", and Postpartum with "PP". You will no longer guess the absorbency of the pad you are grabbing! All pads are topped with either a super soft minky (which resists staining!) or a more natural option, cotton velour. The absorbent layers are either organic bamboo fleece or Zorb, depending on the absorbency. Zorb is a blend of bamboo, cotton and poly that is super trim and very absorbent. The pads are backed with anti-spill fleece to protect you from leaks while maintaining breathability. I like that the pads came with care instructions as well!

    Overnight/Post Partum

    • This pad just looks like its going to do the job!  Its thin in the center and then as it go towards your bum it gets wider. With disposable pads there is the fear that when you move around at night your going to leak. I didn't have this problem with the overnight! Very protective!
    • Surprising comfy! It looks like its bulky and I was alittle afraid that i was going to be uncomfortable but I was amazed at how well it fit and how comfortable it actually was.


    • I had a very little leakage issue. It wasn't enough to make me not use this pad again but it did leak alittle. In the pads defense I roll around so much that sometimes I wake up where my feet started off so I did not make the pads job easy. It did not leak to the bed so I am very happy with that.
    • There wasn't a tag to remind me where I got the pad from. This is true for all the pads in this line so I am only going to post it once here :)
                                                                          Heavy Flow Pad

    • I love that it had an "H" embroidered on it. This really took the guesswork out of deciding which pad was best to wear.
    • This pad was very well made and extremely comfortable. I was surprised with its comfort since it was designed for heavy flow.
    • VERY absorbent! MotherMoonPads wasn't getting when they rated this baby for heavy flow! If you have heavy flows I suggest heading over to this shop!


    • Although it is a heavy flow pad I did feel moisture from it early on. It wasn't horribly bad but I wish it would have felt less mushy.

                                                                  Normal Flow Pad


    • I LOVE that it had a "N" on it to let me know when to use this pad. Very super helpful!

    • This pad was exactly the right length for me. I had no leaking in the front, back or sides do to "spill over" from the pad being to short or too narrow. The type of panties I wore did not affect its performance (though you might not want to wear a thong LOL).

    • Very absorbent. I was happy with the absorbent level of this "normal" flow. I felt it could hold alittle more then normal.


    • As with the Heavy flow pad it was alittle moist early on. This didn't affect me using the pad. It just made me more aware of my period.

    • Super cute (as with all the other products she sells) 
    • Small enough to stash in your pocket "just in case". I wore it on the day after my period for added peace of mind. Did great!

    • NONE :) Great pantyliner!!
    I am so happy MotherMoonPads allowed me to try her pads. I would recommend you to check her out and see for yourself! My favorites in her line is the overnight pads and the panty liners! if your a heavy bleeder I really suggest trying her Normal and Heavy flows! These are GREAT!