Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S'more Smoochies (TM) Reviews


S'more Smoochies (TM) was kind enough to send my Twins each a box of Birthday Bash S'more SmoochiesTM! It is a new gift box and the contents of it are as my 7 year old said, "The Best S'mores I have has ever tasted!".

A S'more SmoochieTM is a delicious take on a classic American favorite. Who doesn't love a S'more? Each Smoochies has a melted marshmallow sandwiched between two yummy gram crackers, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. It is also topped with a festive birthday candy.

My lovely reviewers (also known as my kids) were more then happy to review this item and tell me what they thought about it!

These are the Birthday kids and as you can see they really love their Smoochies! The other kids loved them as well!

If your wondering what I think of them, well I am guilty and "borrowed" one to taste. My 7 year was correct when he said these are the BEST S'mores I have ever tasted. Everything about these were good. Even my husband whom doesnt like S'mores (weirdo I know) liked these!

I honestly think that this is the PERFECT gift to give someone. Especially that hard to shop for person. This is a much more personal gift and it tastes amazing. S'more Smoochies (TM) can put a photo on your Smoochie as well. How much more personal can you get? I know a few Grandparents who would love it!

As if the deletable taste of the Smoochies were not enough. The owner, Andi donates a portion of your purchase to help feed the hungry. So, not only do you get to indulged in your Smoochies you will be helping a good cause!

If your interested in ordering please check out her website:

Be sure you are a fan of her Facebook page. S'more Smoochies does alot of promotions that you will not want to miss out on.

Thank you Andi, from S'more Smoochies for allowing my Family to try your product! I know you only asked for pictures but after trying these for myself I had to share what I thought about them to the world!

~Amanda Freebie

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