Friday, December 10, 2010

Michelle's Handmade Boutique

  Michelle's Handmade Boutique is a great shop that I came across on Facbeook. Her shop has something for all  kids, both boy and girl. She offers pillowcase dresses, burp cloths, make up removal cloths, clippies, wash cloths and pretty much anything you could ask her to sew! She has many different fabrics so just ask if you dont see it!

  Michelle sent me a set of John Deere wash cloths to review.

These wash cloths can come in any fabric you like on her shop and they are $5.00 with shipping for a set.

As soon as we got them my 5 year old son wanted to take a bath which is amazing considering he HATES bath time. We convinced him to wait until after dinner. Thankfully we had because it was spaghetti night and boy did he get messy!

As you can see he really likes his wash cloths (he has claimed them).

Bath time was a breeze with these adorable wash cloths! My son actually let me wash his face with the soft side of it. He normally fights me and I end up using a baby wipe to clean his face off. He hates we rough feeling of them. That's one thing I really liked about Michelle's wash cloth. On one side there was the wash cloth "material" and on the other side was normal fabric.

There was one thing I didnt like but for me its not too big of a deal. It took alot to ring out all of the soap because it gets in between the soft fabric and the wash cloth fabric. As I said this isnt too big of an issue because I usually wash my wash cloths after one use. It could also be perceived as a plus because if your child is like mine they like to do things themselves and usually end up using all the soap because they cant keep their wash cloths soapy. Not a problem here!! My 7 year old used the other wash cloth and one squirt of soap was all he needed!!

Considering everything I would definitely recommend these wash cloths! They are adorable, good for both boy and girl and they are useful! I think these would make a great stocking stuffer as well.

Thank you Michelle for allowing us to review your wash cloths! You have made bath time a little easier at our house!

~Amanda Freebie

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  1. Thank you Amanda so appreciate your review, thank you for reviewing them for me.