Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S'more Smoochies (TM) Reviews


S'more Smoochies (TM) was kind enough to send my Twins each a box of Birthday Bash S'more SmoochiesTM! It is a new gift box and the contents of it are as my 7 year old said, "The Best S'mores I have has ever tasted!".

A S'more SmoochieTM is a delicious take on a classic American favorite. Who doesn't love a S'more? Each Smoochies has a melted marshmallow sandwiched between two yummy gram crackers, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. It is also topped with a festive birthday candy.

My lovely reviewers (also known as my kids) were more then happy to review this item and tell me what they thought about it!

These are the Birthday kids and as you can see they really love their Smoochies! The other kids loved them as well!

If your wondering what I think of them, well I am guilty and "borrowed" one to taste. My 7 year was correct when he said these are the BEST S'mores I have ever tasted. Everything about these were good. Even my husband whom doesnt like S'mores (weirdo I know) liked these!

I honestly think that this is the PERFECT gift to give someone. Especially that hard to shop for person. This is a much more personal gift and it tastes amazing. S'more Smoochies (TM) can put a photo on your Smoochie as well. How much more personal can you get? I know a few Grandparents who would love it!

As if the deletable taste of the Smoochies were not enough. The owner, Andi donates a portion of your purchase to help feed the hungry. So, not only do you get to indulged in your Smoochies you will be helping a good cause!

If your interested in ordering please check out her website:

Be sure you are a fan of her Facebook page. S'more Smoochies does alot of promotions that you will not want to miss out on.

Thank you Andi, from S'more Smoochies for allowing my Family to try your product! I know you only asked for pictures but after trying these for myself I had to share what I thought about them to the world!

~Amanda Freebie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fan Challenge winners

We completed 3 fan challenges this weekend and here are the winners!!!

Jacki Earnest Nielsen you have won the fan challenge for La*ti*da Designs

Please message the shop on facebook to claim your prize.

Stephanie Blitz you won the fan challenge from Dazzle her up.

Suzy Gardner you have won the fan challenge for Crafty Chicks.




The shop owners have been given a link to this post and are expecting a message from you. Congrats

Winners of Freebie Friday

First 17 winners are

1. Me & my peeps winner Deborah Gee

2. brooklyn's BowFabulous World(Brooklyns bowtique Heather wilbanks

3.dollies 'n diapers giftbaskets Saida Flores

4.fairy good mommy boutique brenda frix

5. Raynedrops-brooke fouts

6. 2 teens and a toddler boutique-kristen northrop

7.silver bohemian jewelry-Candace Coleman

8.Bottlecap necklaces-Joy Melnyk

9. Baby frills-melissa salyer

10. Sweetie marie designs -Elizabeth Lemon

11. BowBaby Bowtique-Lisa Garner

12. Pretty in pink bowtique-roxanna rodriuez

13. TuTu’s for Ryeleigh-Nicole Brooks

14. CamBray Creations-Jennifer Williams

15.Not your everyday diaper cake-SARAH DAVIS

16.made with love from mamas heart-cassandra caudill

17. Healthy and happy home-Heather Ottenschot

18. Darby’s Lia Sophia Necklace -Allison McGrady

19. Angelaco Photography- Melissa Roach

20. Candles for Compassion-erica berry

21. Stacy Jay Jewelry-Michelle Gengler

22. Diva in training bows- Ashley Kepner

23.J L Designs- Tina Twigs
24. Body and Soul products-Cindy Mckinney

25. Joy of Hannah Boutique- Danielle Lamont

26.Tattered tots- Jenny Stamos

27. Milestone Gifts- mary letson

28. Maddie B’s Bows-beverly kramer

29.Design Divas Jewelry- Jenilee Whisler

30. Amada Photography- Jennifer McCandless

31. Mark Rep. Courtney- tammy vandoren

32. The Geek Bowtique- angie gatto

33. Maripossa Bows- Stephanie Myers

34. Piggy Tail Bows and More- Jessica Croshaw

35. You Love It Travel Tins- Jennifer Smith

36.You Love It scent circles- christy grimsbo

37.www.keepsakemyfamily.com- Stephanie winesburg

38. Missy’s Musings- Misty Leask

39. My Little Valise- Nicole Vosburgh

40. Thirty-One Gifts By Apatrick there are 4 Gifts-
A. Angela Turnbeaugh-Free direct Shipping
B. Leah Walker- Free embroidery on one item
C. nicole goodale -Free $10 gift certificate
D. sandra hardwick- 20% off one item

41. scents &sensibilities candle- teresa klukowski

42. Baby O’s Christmas Bow- victoria allen

43.Baby O’s Dad hair day bow- Lori Harris

44. Knot Enough designs- Elise Hightower
45.Artful Indulgence- Sara’s savings

46. Cake envy-Sarah Newland

47. Mary Kate Boutique-tiphany gannon

48. Jayme’s inch loss wrap-Kellie Hornick

49.Simply everything shop-Alyson Diaz

50.Dlybug-Linda Trinklein

51.Beads, Beading, Beaded-Ashley Drouillard

52.Belle’s Bows- Kate Brown

53.Sweet Pea Princess-Katie Lipps

54.The MomEO Stacy Stevens- Lola

55. Finleys Be`be` Mitten Clips -Cassandra Baca

56. Loopy Gear-Randi Kobielnik

57. Goldeneyes Photography-Jenny Stamos

58. Z Box-Crystal Woods

59. Adalynn’s Bowtique- Emily Linsky

60.T &P Diaper Cakes-Kelly Henault

61. Finleys Be`be` Paci clip-Crystal Woods

62. BowBaby Bowtique Tutu- Joie King

63. Allie’s Pretties-princess mia

64. My Baby Creations-amanda carvalho

65.Ribbon Delights-Stella Hineline

66. Darby’s Lia Sophia Gift card ten winners
1. Brittnay Fidanzo
2. Victoria Reid
3.Beth Hill
4.Jen Oldaker
5.Wendy Lorthrup
6.Erin Fiske
7.Melissa Murray
8. Amanda Carvalho
9.Alina Widener
10. Stephanie Creech
Please email freebiesandgiveaways@yahoo.com with the email you used to enter Freebie Friday to claim your prize.
Please stand by for the next winners.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Michelle's Handmade Boutique

  Michelle's Handmade Boutique is a great shop that I came across on Facbeook. Her shop has something for all  kids, both boy and girl. She offers pillowcase dresses, burp cloths, make up removal cloths, clippies, wash cloths and pretty much anything you could ask her to sew! She has many different fabrics so just ask if you dont see it!

  Michelle sent me a set of John Deere wash cloths to review.

These wash cloths can come in any fabric you like on her shop and they are $5.00 with shipping for a set.

As soon as we got them my 5 year old son wanted to take a bath which is amazing considering he HATES bath time. We convinced him to wait until after dinner. Thankfully we had because it was spaghetti night and boy did he get messy!

As you can see he really likes his wash cloths (he has claimed them).

Bath time was a breeze with these adorable wash cloths! My son actually let me wash his face with the soft side of it. He normally fights me and I end up using a baby wipe to clean his face off. He hates we rough feeling of them. That's one thing I really liked about Michelle's wash cloth. On one side there was the wash cloth "material" and on the other side was normal fabric.

There was one thing I didnt like but for me its not too big of a deal. It took alot to ring out all of the soap because it gets in between the soft fabric and the wash cloth fabric. As I said this isnt too big of an issue because I usually wash my wash cloths after one use. It could also be perceived as a plus because if your child is like mine they like to do things themselves and usually end up using all the soap because they cant keep their wash cloths soapy. Not a problem here!! My 7 year old used the other wash cloth and one squirt of soap was all he needed!!

Considering everything I would definitely recommend these wash cloths! They are adorable, good for both boy and girl and they are useful! I think these would make a great stocking stuffer as well.

Thank you Michelle for allowing us to review your wash cloths! You have made bath time a little easier at our house!

~Amanda Freebie

Blog Winners!!

I have 3 winners to announce from the blog contests we had going on! Sorry I am late on this. Been a BUSY week!!

Congratulations Renee You have won the chap Stick!!

Congratulations Mrs. Bradley you have won the first gift set from Melissa Salyer

Congratulations Mandee you have won the second Gift Set from Melissa Salyer

Please email me at FreebiesandGiveaways@yahoo.com to claim your prize.

More Giveaways to come!

~Amanda Freebie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Explaining our new Facebook Page

Hello F&G fans!!! I think some people may be confused about our new Facebook page and how it works.

You can still get items much in the same way as before!! We just had to do a few things differently to comply with the new Facebook Guidelines which can be found here:

What we have done so we are not breaking the rules is we first created a new page. We had to do this because we have broke so many rules on the other page and a few Giveaway sites have already been deleted. I wanted to have a fall back page and I figured why not start fresh on a page where we have no broken any rules?

Second we changed the way you "win" so to speak.

Before we were just straight giving away the prizes in exchange for you liking a page and telling them F&G sent you. This is clearly not allowed with the new guidelines.

After thinking long and hard about it we decided to change our direction. We are now a review page, but not just any old review page. We want to hear what our fans think about an item! So much like Freebie Friday where we asked you to like a page for your chance to win a prize we are now doing Fan review Friday where if you would like to "win" an item all you have to do is agree to review the item. Just send us and the shop owner a short blurb about what you thought about the item. Its as easy as that! Its still Free so don't worry!! head on over there now and start reviewing! If you have any questions please let us know!


Two Gift sets to Giveaway!

Hello F&G fans!! One of our fans has generously donated 2 gift sets for us to giveaway. She does not have a shop so she has asked us to choose how the prizes will be won.
 We can earn up to two entries for this giveaway:

  • Become a follower of this blow
  • Become a fan of our new Facebook page : F&G Reviews
Each time you complete an item please make a separate post.

Now onto the prizes!!

First Gift set includes:
  • a bodywash and  lotion set
  • red soft  socks
  • sweet pea candle
  • pouf
  • and a bag  of holiday m&m's
  • Snowman Bag

Second Gift set includes:

  • travel  nail file and clippers
  • mud face mask
  • red and silver nail polish
  • a foot rasp (takes dead skin off  feet)
  • and a bag of holiday m&m's
  • Snowman Bag (not picture but same as one in first set)

Thank you to Melissa Slayer for donating :)

Lip Balm Giveaway *Today Only*

If your looking for stocking stuffers at a low price you have found the right place! how about FREE!?!?

To enter for your chance to win this lip Balm all you have to do is click on this link, vote and then post here that you did! I will choose a winner in the morning.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tie Shirt Giveaway

I have two more tie shirts to giveaway! Entering is EASY! If you follow the directions you will also be entered to win a Jogging Stroller from Shari Criso! All you have to do is click on this link and tell her Amanda Freebie Sent you. In doing so we are both entered to win the stroller and you have been entered to win a tie shirt from Yours Truely. If you are not already a fan you will have to like her page first. I will be giving away a Tie shirt tonight and one tomorrow night

For those of you who do not know I had major surgery two years ago and have not been cleared for exercise (beside my physical therapy) since them. Earlier this week I have been cleared and would really love to get back in shape! This would be the best gift for Christmas!

Good Luck to us all.